Independent workforce is growing with the increase in a number of freelancers, independent contractors, and solo entrepreneur. To occupy this non-traditional workforce number of shared offices and co-working spaces are increasing. Working at these spaces provide an opportunity to connect with people from diverse corporate backgrounds and create chances for partnerships, new leads, and referrals. Let me tell you a thing or two about building a network in a co-working space. Keep reading :

  • Begin a Conversation: Strike up a conversation with any simple question. Find opportunities to connect with people. To zone out might help you finish your work at speed but it won’t help you grow your business.


  • Attend events at co-working space: many co-working spaces arrange in-house events, where you get the chance to make connections with other entrepreneurs. You get to interact with the built-in diverse community across all industries. You can even host your own event. If you have an idea for an event, voice it.


  • Eat at community area: Do not eat in front of the computer when you are working in a co-working space. Take a break and go to the community area to eat lunch. It is an optimal time to meet other people. A quick chat over lunch with someone can benefit you beyond your imagination. You never know!


  • You can share promotional material of your company with others at co-working space. Offer a notebook or pen with your logo on it to people you meet at these places. It will act as a reminder to reach out to you or to refer your company to someone else.


  • When you meet someone who offers you something you need, swap it for something that person needs. This way other people at co-working space will hear and see your work.


  • Co-working spaces in Powai & Goregaon are great places to share your knowledge and gain some knowledge from other. You meet people from all walks of life in these places and you learn different things from each one of them. You will be able to build solid relationships with others through knowledge sharing.


  • Let your passion for what you do be on display. It is different from selling. You try to overcome customers objections to get them to buy something when you sell something but having a passion for your work will just help you build relationships and arouse curiosity.


Co-working spaces ideal for collaboration, business development, and professional growth. Take some time out to form some connections while working at co-working spaces.

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