Since childhood, we have taught sharing is caring but soon the perspective changes into selfishness, to be honest. So, how to adjust ourselves to a comfort zone where we can propagate sharing and getting rid of our darker side of selfishness. When it comes to our social life, we find ourselves more cooperative than in our personal life which is quite a right thing to choose. This writing is going to introduce you some of the tips so that you can adjust yourself in a comfort zone while working in Shared Office Space especially in Mumbai.

Tip 1) Make your Side a Happy Side:

The sooner you realize that your side is a happy side the quicker you adjust to your shared workspace. Try making positive comments about your area, discuss it with your team and try to find positivity from little-little things happen all day. Once you start to feel positive and forget about the negative; you soon realize the area you have is the best possible thing can happen to you. The trend of a shared office in Mumbai is at its peak as it cuts down the major installation cost. And if you are the follower of this trend then tip number 1 is going to help you adjust quickly.

Tip 2) Decorate it – the way you like:

Good and pleasing to the areas or surroundings help us to adjust very quickly. We intend to move to a place where we find peace and feel like in a home away from home. There you go, don’t sit idle and start decorating the way you like your office to be. Paint it with the color you like, wrote some quotation on the walls that motivates you to do the best. Adjust the furniture the way you want. Modernise it as much as your nerve allow and then just work hard.

Tip 3) Don’t consider Change as the Change:

There is nothing in this world that remains constant and stays forever. We have experienced it, our forefathers experience it and our future generation will do the same. We have changed a lot from our childhood days that, certainly, show we have adopted the change and adjusted accordingly without even noticing that it had happened. Constantly remaining and living in the past is going to make your job tougher and tougher. Past is the thing you can’t change it, future is the thing that is unknown (even to the scientist) and so the only thing we have is the present. You can make it or you can waste it.

Tip 4) Flexibility is the key:

Changes require flexibility. The better you adapt the things the greater going to be your chances to be successful. Try to make a close look at the surroundings and taking actions on the need ones only. Unnecessary quarrels and issues with your neighbour office mates might deviate you from handling critical business issues. Remain flexible and polite in your morals to run a successful business with your shared office space environment.

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